The skirt is finished 

I finished the skirt yesterday!

I was a relatively easy skirt to sew, but I did encounter a small challenge when I made the elastic waist. At first it was a challenge to get the elastic band through the very long casing, but I taped it to a long plastic stick and guided it through.

Then, unfortunately, one end of one of the elastic bands got loose after I had sewn them in place, so I had to cut open some of what I had just sewn and then try to get a hold of the loose end inside the casing.

After that I just had to attach the last pocket and then the skirt was finished!

Here I am wearing it – not the best photo, but you get the idea. I love the pockets. 🙂

Here is a close up of the waist and pocket details…

Bound-edged apron – a finished project!

I have finished my 3rd learning-how-to-sew project, and I am happy with the result!

Last time I wrote about the apron project I had already sewn the ties, but still needed to turn them right side out and attach them to the apron.

I struggled a bit turning the first one right side out, but figured out how to to it easy with the second one…



Then I pressed the ties and slip-stitched the ends shut. I am amazed… slip-stitching is like performing magic – you don’t see the stitches even though you are sewing from the outside!



Attaching the ties was actually more difficult than I had expected. The box stitches was very difficult to make look nice, and this was my first try at doing it, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much, but I had hoped for a nicer box.




But I can’t complain about the overall finished result….


Tadaaa…….! A finished apron = yet another finished project. 🙂


Next project is a bag, and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

Embellished scarf – a finished project!

My second learning-how-to-sew project is finished!

Look at how nice it turned out:



Lessons learned and things I have to remember and get better at:

  • cut neater
  • sew in a nice straight line
  • finding and using a perfect matching thread colour
  • getting the thread tension just right

I used a chalk to trace the pattern on the other end of the scarf. It did not look nice when I used a ball point pen on the first end.

Sewing 2012-04-08


Here are a few more photos of the finished scarf:

Embellished scarf




The next project in the book is an apron!