Get More Sewing Done

Last week I wrote about improving my social media skills because I had enrolled in a workshop, about growing your businesses with Instagram, on Skillshare. On of the things I learned was to plan and prioritize my use of images and one of the things I decided was to post more photos of people using my products and also have flat-lays of the things I use when designing and sewing with some behind-the-scenes info.

In order to have products to photograph I must produce more items, hence the blog post title Get More Sewing Done. Also, sewing is part of my design process, because I am looking for sewing patterns that I want to use as a base for planning my surface patterns for clothes collections.

Above you can see some of the photos I posted on my Instagram account to showcase one of my latest surface design patterns called Neko because the design features the Japanese word neko, which means Cat, written in both the kanji and the hiragana script.

My fabric designs can be bought on several types of fabric in my shop at the print-on-demand site called Spoonflower. Their digital print process uses water-based pigment inks and dyes, with very little waste; they also have a selection of eco-friendly fabrics.

Next thing I need to get better at is taking great photos. I am watching some Skillshare classes on the subject as part of the workshop that I mentioned, but mostly it is just practice, practice practice. I might get myself a small tripod for holding my phone so I can take picture of myself with the timer function.

Practice makes progress…

next thing on my to do learn list: taking great photos

Improving my Social Media Skills

If you have read my recent blog posts, then you know that I am trying to evolve as a business owner and entrepreneur. I am already getting better at planning my time, which I talked about in my last post .

Another thing that I had prioritized to do was to define my target customer. Defining a target customer is very important for streamlining marketing so I don’t aim to wide when spreading the word about my business – of course, the more that knows about my products and services the merrier, but it would most likely weaken by branding and waste a lot of my time that I could otherwise spend on business development.

I have had a vague idea of my target customer for quite some time, but hadn’t put it down on paper before I watched the Skillshare class Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community by Tyler McCall. I really enjoyed this class and I felt I learned a lot – if you want to get better at marketing your brand on Instagram, then this class definitely for you. I took this class as a part of a Skillshare workshop to learn how to master Instagram for my business/brand. I am looking forward to furthering my skills, and can’t wait to see what the next to classes in the workshop has in store for me.

The assignment for Tyler’s Skillshare class is to take what I have learned and make a post for Instagram and also write what type of image and caption I chose and why. My head is full of ideas and I am eager to see what I come up with.