Back to business

I am calling this post Back to business because today is the first official workday after 5 weeks of summer vacation with my family.

Picture of me and my children at Tegernsee on our vacation in Germany.

In my last blog post, I had set a goal to blog more often – preferably at least once a week. This obviously didn’t happen during my vacation. But I am not disappointed in myself, because one of my reasons to venture out as a business woman is to spend more time with my family, which vacation time is all about.

I did manage to squeeze in a tiny bit of work here and there to enter a couple of designs in some of the Spoonflower design challenges. I also searched the internet and read up on ways to plan and manage a one woman business.

One of the resources that I came across in my searches is the great – and totally free – advise from Bärbel Dressler. She is a very talented Swedish surface designer that through hard work, dedication and talent has build up her business. She very generously shares her experience regarding setting up and running her one woman company on her website – one of the resources for running a business that she she shares is a 6 step tutorial for making a 3-year plan and I am currently trying to apply this approach to my own business.

Another thing that I have read over and over again is that a business should have a clear vision of their core customer in order to cater to them and direct marketing to the right audience. I will over the next few weeks brainstorm and make mood boards in order to hone in on my type of clients.

Another project that I am working on is product development. I am very excited about this, and really hope that my testing shows that it is doable and that my calculations will show that it is economically feasible.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of my product testing.

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