Prioritizing my ‘to do’s

I am sure I can’t be the only creative person with a mind overflowing with ideas which lead to several lists of ‘to-do’s. I come up with ideas faster than I can make them happen. I try to organize using Trello, but I am a very visual person and I like writing and drawing on real paper too, so often I end up with lists on several sheets which I then have to boil down into digitized lists on Trello that I then later have to remember to refer back to. I am a huge lover of efficiency and the ease of digitized all-in-one-place that Trello gives me, but somehow I am more drawn to looking at paper than lists on screen, so more often than not I forget to check my long term planning Trello to-do lists and only refer to my daily and weekly to-do lists in my paper agenda. So one step on my journey to evolve is to train my planning and execution skills for long term ideas and plans.

Since June is coming to an end I have been thinking about setting up a goal for July and one of the points from my long term to do lists is to blog more regularly, so my next monthly resolution is to

Blog more often – preferably at least once a week.

my goal for July 2019

This means that by the end of July I should have posted on my blog at least 5 times. I am excited to and a bit skeptical at the same time – lets see how this goes.