So, life has been busy…

… and I haven’t blogged anything for a veeeery long time. My excuse is that life has kept me busy and that I haven’t had much time to do anything creative and interesting enough to blog about. But now Christmas is creeping up on us by slowly showing its “face” at the stores, even though it’s only early October, and his makes be think of all the Christmas related creative stuff I can do, because Christmas is the best season for being creative – you can bake, sew and do paper crafts which are all things I love to do.

To get me even more inspired I have been looking a bit around Pinterest and Oh My! the inspiration is enough to make my head explode with ideas.

But since Christmas is still a 2 months away I will start being creative with my favourite season The Fall. I just love the way everything around you changes colour and you can feel the weather changing from day to day.

I will begin by seing if I can find some of my old fall inspired decorations and then se I  can make some new ones too. 🙂

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