Sewing: The beginnings of a stuffed toy

It seams like I’ve taking a detour from my learning-how-to-sew by book and went head over heels to making-it-up-as-I-go-along. Hmm… I wonder if this will end well.

So this time I wanted to try to make a stuffed toy for my lovely and adorable baby girl. I have always had lots and lots of stuffed toys and just some years ago my husband gave me a stuffed toy that I love and probably will not let my daughter play with: the rat from the Pixar movie ‘Ratatouille’. So I thought ‘how difficult can it be to sew a look-a-like rat?’

I used some paper napkins to drape and sketch a pattern based on my beloved rat.

Sewing a rat

After cutting the pieces out I pinned them to the rat to make sure they fitted reasonably well.

Sewing a rat

I then figured out which way the pattern pieces should go on my choice of fabric and used a highlighter to sketch a rough  seam allowance around the pieces.

Sewing a rat

Sewing a rat

Sewing a rat

And I’m almost ready to start sewing!

Sewing a rat

I haven’t bought the filling yet, and I also need to find some matching threads. I think the biggest challenge is to figure out a sequence of actually sewing everything together.

I see this as a learning experience and am not expecting a great result. I am sure my daughter will find a use for the stuffed toy no matter how it ends up looking.

I hope to post more on my progress on the rat soon.Just need to find the time to get buy the material and do some sewing in between playing with the cutest girl who wants to run around even though she can’t quite walk yet


3 thoughts on “Sewing: The beginnings of a stuffed toy

  1. ooobop! says:

    That is so cool that you created your own pattern… from your own rat!! Really interested to see the outcome. I’m sure it will be fabulous 🙂

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