Sewing: Recycling my white shirt into cute toddler size shirt

After the success of recycling one of my shirts into a shirt for my cute baby girl, I wanted to repeat the experience using the same type of shirt that I had in white.

I used this white long sleeved t-shirt

White shirt ready to be recycled

I used the same pattern that I had made for the red recycled shirt, and it all went well until I ran out of thread…

Running out of thread in the middle of a seam

I didn’t want to stop sewing while waiting for finding the time to go buy some more thread, so I decided to start adding the collar. I wanted to try a different approach than I used last time, so I used white thread and kind of sewed the collar bind piece of fabric first before attaching it.

Binding neckline

Then I sewed it to the inside of the shirt.

Binding neckline

And then I basted it to the right side of the shirt.

Binding neckline

In stead of using a straight top-stitch I decided to use a decorative stitch to secure the collar edge. I quite liked the end result, but I think there must be an easier way to attach an edge to a neckline.

Anyhow … here is the finished shirt!

Finished shirt

I added quite a few nice details to the shirt; here are some close-ups:





I am really happy with the result. The only problem is that I have had to remove the decorative buttons because my cute baby girl likes to use her new teeth on everything and managed to bite one of the buttons off the shirt after having worn it for just half an hour! And safety goes before fashion, so the buttons had to be removed.

Stay tuned for my next sewing adventure…. a stuffed toy!


2 thoughts on “Sewing: Recycling my white shirt into cute toddler size shirt

  1. ooobop! says:

    Such a pretty top. Good call for the decorative stitching round the neckline. I would never guess that this was a recycled top. It looks like a designer piece!

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