Sewing: The Ladybug pants are finish! (… using my brand new sewing machine)

First I want to introduce you to my brand new toy sewing machine: the Janome 4120 DCQ

New toy

It can do 120 stitches incl. seven 1-step button holes, and it also does letters, so I can write names and such. But my absolute favourite feature so far is actually the button you press and then it cuts the threads – I think I am in love with this button. And another thing that came in handy is that you don’t need to use the foot pedal, which is a great help for me now because baby girl is getting around a bit more now and wants to play with mum’s new toy, so I removed the foot pedal and am using the sew by button method.

Before I start to tell you about the Ladybug pants, I’ll show you what my old machine looked like. (I traded it in for a discount on my new super fancy machine.)

Old sewing machine


And now … my very first sewing project for my baby girl … the Ladybug pants.

The instructions in the book were lacking in helpfulness, so I had to use my inexperienced common sense to make the pants. I am not sure I will recommend the book for others, definitely not for newbies like me.

Attaching the binding feature…

Ladybug pants


Attaching the yokes…

Ladybug pants


I didn’t have my new machine at this stage, otherwise I might have used one of the decorative stitches to do the top-stitching in stead of this old boring straight one. 😉

Ladybug pants


The pants are slowly taking shape…

Ladybug pants


Trying out the overlock stitching on my new machine. 🙂

Ladybug pants


Sewing is so much faster using my new fancy toy!

Ladybug pants

Ladybug pants


I though sewing the two legs together would be difficult, but it actually wasn’t. What was difficult was to get the yoke/binding seams to align – as a photo further down will attest to.

Ladybug pants


And a bit of notching. (I also added some zig-zag for fraying later.)

Ladybug pants


Making a casing for the elastic waist.

Ladybug pants


Double hemming the legs.

Ladybug pants


And tadaaa!!!


As a first try at this, I am really pleased, but next time I think I will pay a bit more attention to aligning critical places. Just look at how off I was here:

Ladybug pants


I tried to take a picture of cute baby girl wearing the Ladybug pants, but she wouldn’t stand still. She is 8 (and a half) months old and thinks she can walk and want’s to explore everything. The pants a 1 or 2 cm too long still, so there is plenty of time for her to wear the pants before they get too small. I’ll try to remember to post a photo  of the pants being worn when I get a nice picture.


5 thoughts on “Sewing: The Ladybug pants are finish! (… using my brand new sewing machine)

  1. nefermiw says:

    Yes, aren’t they adorable :o) I was actually a bit worried about the colour combination, but I think it worked out great in the end.
    The sewing machine is an early birthday gift from my husband, and it is indeed amazing.

  2. Karen @ Folk Haven says:

    The pants are super cute. I like to make things for my son a bit big too. After you put all the effort and love into them you don’t want to retire them in just a few weeks if they happen to hit a growth spurt! That you can overlock with your sewing machine has me really wanting a new machine myself!

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