Crochet: Baby blanket

My daughter was born last year in September, and while I waited for her to great the world I crocheted a blanket for her. I wasn’t much of a blogger back then, so when I put my baby girl down for her nap the other day, I started contemplating about bragging a bit on my blog about this lovely blanket that I crocheted.

I made it up as I went along, and I didn’t write a pattern recipe down, but I think it’s:

  • beginning with a row of single crochet
  • then alternating 2 double crochet (American dc) with 2 single crochet, followed by a row of single crochet and this repeated four times. (repeating this step after main part of blanket)
  • The main part of the blanket is made with half double crochet along a row and then next row single crochet in front loop (or maybe it was the back loop?), then repeat that through with a change of colour after 5 repeats.
  • The edge is some sort of shell stitch. I guess I could look at the blanket and see what I used, but I just but baby girl to sleep for the night and the blanket is in her bed.

Anyway, now for the bragging part…. the nice pictures of my wonderful blanket

Baby blanket

Baby blanket

Baby blanket

I used this yarn:

baby blanket crochet in progress


I am really satisfied with the result. It has been much used and will probably be loved for years to come.


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