Baking: Brownie cups

Some time ago I tried this recipe from and they turned out amazing; just look at how yummy they were:


Then shortly thereafter I wanted to recreate these perfect brownie treats, but alas they turned out more like chocolate cake than brownies. 😦

They were still nice too eat, but not the heavenly chewy chocolatey brownies that I had been looking forward too.

I wondered what went wrong and wanted to try again, but I find it difficult to find the time to bake with a baby in the house, so time went by and not until yesterday did I try to bake them again.

Here is how it went…

Melting the butter and chocolate

Brownie cups

The recipe says to combine sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla, but I decided to whip sugar and eggs to a creamy white fluff before adding the flour and vanilla.

Brownie cuås


Adding nuts to the melted butter/chocolate (I used almonds)

Nrownie cuås


The recipe was for 18 cups, but I had batter left even after filling 18 cups with slightly too much batter, so not to self is to fill them less. Trouble is that they take 35 minutes to bake and that seamed like too long too wait for baking just 6 more cups so I threw out the left over batter.

Brownie cups


The finished brownie cups warm and ready to eat!

Brownie cups


My verdict is that they were not as good as my first try, but better than my second try. I know where I went wrong this time. I hadn’t bought the perfect chocolate and just used what I had in the kitchen which was a 44% chocolate. I would definitely recommend a higher percentage chocolate like say 70%. And then I think I left them in the oven for a few minutes too long, but that is something you get a feeling for with a recipe the more you use it.

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