Baking: Chocholate chip cookies

I had been thinking about baking some chocolate chip cookies for quite some time now, and after reading a post about choc chip cookies at stirandstitch’s blog I thought it was time to go ahead and bake some using this new recipe in stead of my go-to choc chip recipe that I have been using for years.

Since it’s not always so easy to plan what to do and actually get to do it, on account of very cute baby girl, I didn’t get around to actually baking said cookies before today – but they were well worth the wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

Choc chip cookies

I had to change the recipe a bit because they didn’t have the sugar I wanted at the store – and I am wondering about the baking soda in the recipe ??? usually I would use baking powder, so I used 1 tsp of baking powder in stead. (You usually have to double the amount when using baking powder in stead of baking soda – baking powder is actually half baking soda and half the acidic ingredient that you need to activate the baking soda.) Since there was no buttermilk or other such acidic ingredient I thought it safe to substitute; the baking soda would probably fail in the cookies on it’s own anyway. Also, the eggs I had was size medium and they looked fairly small for medium eggs too so I had to use 2 eggs in stead of one. I also chose to use two thirds 70% dark chocolate and one third milk chocolate. And lastly I used chopped almonds as a nutty ingredient.

Here are some photos of the baking of the cookies…

Two types of sugar before mixing with the butter

Choc chip cookies

The doughy goodness after mixing everything together

Choc chip cookies

Before the oven..

Choc chup cookies

In the oven…

Choc chip cookies

After the oven…

Choc chip cookies

On a plate…

Choc chip cookies

And a close-up…

Choc chip cookies

The photos do not make the cookies justice – they are darker and yummier to look at in real life. They were very yummy to eat;slightly crisp on the outside and lovely chewy on the inside – just like I like them.


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