Learning how to sew – 4th project: Lined tote bag

You might know this already, but I am trying to learn how to sew by following the workshops in the great book called ‘Sewing machine basics – A step by step course for first-time stitchers’.

It has been fun so far and I have learned a lot already; and now I’ve come to the 4th project, which is a lined tote bag! (You can never have too many bags, in my humble opinion.) 😉

I decided some time ago to use the same felt for the bag as I used for the scarf that I sew in the 2nd workshop of the book, and I am also using the same fabric as I used for the apron that I just finished sewing on the 3rd workshop of the book.


I think I am getting better at cutting in a nice neat line along the pattern paper.

And just look at how much fabric I have left over from that pretty apple/pear patterned fabric. (I might make a cute dress, from the rest of the fabric, for my baby girl when I have learned all the basics of sewing and feel more confident in tackling a dress pattern.)


And here is the lining for the bag cut out nicely:


And last, but none the less important – the interfacing…


I am so very excited about this project. It feels like a real challenge to have to line a bag and sew so many pieces together, but I like a challenge and I can’t wait to start sewing.


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