Learning how to sew: The apron project, continued

The apron isn’t quite finished yet, but It’s getting very close!

I’ve bound all the edges, and it was maybe easier than I had thought it would be, but that’s just because I had thought it would be really difficult.

I started with the neckline edge…


As you can see the result could be neater, but for a first try at binding a rounded edge I’m happy.


Some of these photos are taken when I worked in the evening, so they are unfortunately a bit dark, but here is what it looked like when I had prepped the outer edge of the neckline for sewing:


Look at how neat the stitches are this time:


Yesterday I got some sewing done during daylight, so I took some photos when I put on the last of the binding around the lower edge;



Here the apron is all pinned and with basting stitches just ready to be sewn…


… and a close-up


Everything was going fine. This is a learning process for me and one of the things I notices was that I got a nice consisting distance to the edge of the binding if I used the rectangular holes in the sewing machine as guides for the fabric while having set the stitch type to a needle position with the needle to the side – here’s a close-up of it:



And then when I was so happy with my new discovery and thinking how great I’ve become at sewing . . . . .   the thread broke!


Ah well, I’m sure this happens for everybody sometimes, and I fixed it and continued and the result was fine.



All left to do now is the ties for tying the back of the apron, but that will have to wait for another day. 🙂

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