The apron gets a pocket

The apron project is all about learning to bind edges and apply pockets, so the apron has a nice big pocket with a bound edge plus the whole apron also has a bound edge too. To make it even more challenging, the pocket has rounded corners!

Baby girl went to sleep early yesterday, and husband was out for a work dinner, so I got my sewing kit out and started on giving the pocket a bound edge and then went on to apply it to the apron front.

I am somewhat pleased with the bound edge, but I might see if I can sew a bit closer to the edge next time. (It was a bit dark so the picture is not so good unfortunately.)


It was a bit tricky to get the corners rounded nicely, but it was a fun challenge.

Then I had to match the pattern on the pocket to the pattern on the apron front.


I think I got it matched quite well. Here is what it looks like in daylight:


I still have to take the basting stitches out, and I must admit that sewing in a consistent distance to a rounded edge is not easy. I guess I will have to practice that a lot more.


Next is to bind the whole edge of the apron. It has a curved edge too, so wish me luck!

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