Let the sewing begin

I’ve read the first part of my learn-how-to-sew book and have reached the first workshop in the book. I am to sew a pillow case!

I have bought a few sewing essentials and some fabric and thread. I realize it can end up costing me quite some money learning how to sew since fabric isn’t necessary cheap, but hopefully the items that I sew will look nice enough to actually be used.

It is going to be slow progress since it’s easiest to sew while the baby is sleeping, and it is still a bit difficult to predict when she naps and for how long, but today i managed to cut the fabric and press two edges and I have begun to baste before the actual sewing can take place.

Sewing 2012-03-14

Crochet project: Sweater

I started crocheting this sweater ages ago. I took a break from it while I was pregnant because I couldn’t fit into it anyway, and I guess it was more fun crocheting a baby blanket.

The pattern is called Ivory Shells Sweater and is from the book Positively Crochet by Mary Jane Hall.  I am using Patons Decor yarn in the colour Sweet Country Varg.  I hope to finish it relatively soon, even though I also am venturing into the art of using a sewing machine.

Sweater wip

Testing the blog functions

I’m new to wordpress so I’ll begin by testing out the features.

I’ve changed the header picture to one of the standard ones, but I guess I should think about using one of my own photos. My old blog at blogspot had a creative theme to it, but I don’t think I will limit this blog to a theme, but I am sure most posts will be of creative stuff anyway.