Embellished scarf – almost done!

I managed to get a little sewing done yesterday and today. I am so close to finishing it that I can almost smell the success in the air. 😉

Last time I blogged, I had had finished the actual scarf, but hadn’t started on the embellished part of it yet. Yesterday I traced the leafy pattern on to one end of the scarf. I probably should have been patient and gone to buy the proper carbon copy paper, but I in stead used a ball point pen to trace with.  The result looked like this:

Sewing 2012-03-28

Next step was to cut out the leafs. That went fairly well, but again my cutting could be neater.

Sewing 2012-03-28

Then I pinned and basted around the leaves. This was as far as I got yesterday before the baby awoke from her nap.

Sewing 2012-03-28

Today I started sewing the pattern on the sewing machine. Before getting started on the actual sewing, I had to make sure the tension was right. This took a long time, and I was not completely happy with the result, but I think my machine is not any good, and I didn’t want to waste more time, so on I went with the sewing.

Sewing 2012-03-29

Here’s a close-up:

Sewing 2012-03-29

It was not easy, and the result could have been nicer, but for a first try, I am quite happy.


Now I just have to finish taking out the basting stitches and taking in the loose ends. Here is how the back looks:

Sewing 2012-03-29


And then there is of course also the other end of the scarf to embellish with the same pattern.

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