To test or not to test: Samsungs robotic vacuum cleaner

While surfing the net this morning, I stumbled upon a chance to become a test pilot for Samsungs robotic vacuum cleaner, the Navibot S (SR8950). I am a big fan of Samsung products and my husband has been talking about getting a robotic vacuum cleaner for years, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try one. Of course, I have to be chosen to be a test pilot first – I am sure many would jump for the opportunity to be one, but here’s crossing our fingers. 🙂

My thoughts so far on what I would like to see with this cleaning wonder:

  • does it navigate our house without getting stuck
  •  does it clean properly; our parrot makes a mess with his pellets seeds and my husband has to sweep the floor once or twice everyday.
  • is the noise bearable
  • how sturdy is the vacuum cleaner
  • is it going to be in our way when scuttling around the floor
  • is the charging station in the way and/or an eye-sore in our house

I am sure there are more things I could and will consider, but this is just on the top of my head. If I shouldn’t get chosen as a test pilot I am sure I will follow the blogging of the other testers closely to see if the Navibot S is value for money.

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