Let the sewing begin

I’ve read the first part of my learn-how-to-sew book and have reached the first workshop in the book. I am to sew a pillow case!

I have bought a few sewing essentials and some fabric and thread. I realize it can end up costing me quite some money learning how to sew since fabric isn’t necessary cheap, but hopefully the items that I sew will look nice enough to actually be used.

It is going to be slow progress since it’s easiest to sew while the baby is sleeping, and it is still a bit difficult to predict when she naps and for how long, but today i managed to cut the fabric and press two edges and I have begun to baste before the actual sewing can take place.

Sewing 2012-03-14

2 thoughts on “Let the sewing begin

    • nefermiw says:

      Thanks for the good luck wish, it looks like I might need it. Apparently I have managed to make quite a few mistakes already just sewing a simple pillow case.

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